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It needs two to tennis. But you also need someone who counts the score. If the referencee prefers to concentrate on the course, than to remember numbers, this app will help him.

The Start Screen

On the first screen, the player encounters are recorded. The names may not be empty or identical. The player with the first service is entered first.

Initially leads the button "Start New" to the counting screen. The button "Continue" is only available if an active game was interrupted. Then, the current status is displayed in sets.

The app will automatically switch to tie break counting when the score has reached 6:6. This can be turned off.

Also, the program will attempt to automatically adjust the side change. This can also be turned off. In the counting screen a change of sides can be enforced in addition, so that the user sees the left the standing player on the left side of the screen.

The number of winning sets can also be configured.

The Counting Screen

In the bottom of the counting screen there is a button for each player. If you tap this, the correspondig player gets a point. This is indicated in the usual representation in tennis with 15, 30, 40, douce and advantage. On the top line the previously completed sets are displayed.

Has one of the players won the winning sets, that were preset in the start screen, the match is decided. Further counting is no longer possible.

If you have made a typing error when entering, that's no drama. The button "Correct Points" leads to a screen on which the points of the current game can be reduced.

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